Army Push-Up Standards Female: Requirements and Training Tips

Push-up standards in the U.S. Army are determined by the ACFT, a gender-neutral test, with scores varying by age and number of push-ups completed.

Army Push-Up Standards Overview

In the context of the United States Army, maintaining superior physical fitness is a non-negotiable aspect of service life, particularly when it comes to push-ups.

The push-up is not only a staple of fitness but also a critical component of the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), reflecting your strength and endurance.

Understanding the Army Combat Fitness Test

The Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, is the current measure of physical fitness for all soldiers.

It’s a gender-neutral test designed to assess soldier readiness and the ability to conduct basic tasks related to combat.

Within the ACFT, the push-up event specifically aims to measure the upper body strength necessary for combat tasks such as carrying equipment, moving under fire, and maneuvering in the battlefield.

Details of the Female Push-Up Standard

The female push-up standard within the ACFT is no different from the male standard, reflecting the U.S. Army’s commitment to a gender-neutral evaluation of a soldier’s fitness.

To meet the minimum standards, female soldiers must execute push-ups with their bodies forming a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles.

Push-ups must be performed with a full range of motion, meaning the soldier must lower their body until their chest nearly touches the ground and then fully extend the arms when raising back to the starting position.

Standards for Scoring:

  • Gold (Heavy): 30+ repetitions
  • Gray (Significant): 20-29 repetitions
  • Black (Moderate): 10-19 repetitions

Meeting or exceeding these standards reflects your ability to endure and perform in physically demanding situations.

It’s important to integrate proper techniques and consistent training into your regimen to ensure readiness and pass the physical fitness requirements.

Scoring and Requirements

In the US Army, your physical strength and ability to pass the fitness test are crucial.

Push-up performance is assessed with specific criteria for each age group, with each soldier striving to meet or exceed the minimum score to pass.

Age-Based Scoring Criteria

Your performance in the push-up event is scored based on the number of pushups you complete and your age.

Females in the Army must meet age-adjusted standards, which dictate the points awarded per the number of push-ups performed during the two-minute test.

Age Group60% Score (Minimum)100% Score (Maximum)
17-2119 push-ups71 push-ups
22-2617 push-ups72 push-ups
27-3116 push-ups70 push-ups
32-3614 push-ups66 push-ups
37-4113 push-ups62 push-ups
42+12 push-ups60 push-ups

Minimum Score and Passing Requirements

To pass the push-up component of the Army Physical Fitness Test, you must achieve a minimum score, which equates to 60% of the maximum number of push-ups based on your age group.

Failing to meet this threshold means you do not pass the test, and further conditioning may be required to ensure readiness for duty.

A score of 100% represents physical excellence and is your benchmark for maximum performance.

Remember, consistently training and performing the exercises correctly can improve your score significantly.

For detailed guidance on proper push-up techniques and training methods, refer to the Army Physical Fitness Test standards.

Physical Training and Techniques

To meet the Army push-up standards for females, a focused approach to training is crucial.

Not only should you build upper body strength, but also work on your endurance to perform the required number of push-ups.

Preparation for the Push-Up Event

Before you attempt the push-up event, develop a training regimen that targets the muscles involved: the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.

Start with exercises that build strength and power, such as bench presses and overhead presses.

Integrate exercises for aerobic endurance like running or cycling, as this will help you during the test and Basic Training Physical Fitness Test (BCT PFT).

Focus on army fitness techniques that enhance your muscular endurance for the repeated movements.

As you get stronger, include push-up variations, such as incline and decline, to challenge different muscle groups.

Executing the Proper Push-Up

Performing a proper push-up requires attention to form to meet the female pushup standards:

  1. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, feet together or up to 12 inches apart.
  2. Keep your body straight, your core engaged, and avoid bending at the waist or neck.
  3. Lower your body in a controlled manner until your chest nearly touches the ground.
  4. Power up, fully extending your arms without locking your elbows.

Remember, coordination and proper breathing are essential for maximizing repetitions and meeting the physical fitness test requirements.

Throughout your AIT and PT tests, maintain this form to ensure consistent performance and improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the physical requirements for females in the Army helps you appreciate the standards and expectations set forth for soldiers.

What are the minimum push-up requirements for females in the Army?

The minimum push-up requirements for females in the Army depend on the age of the service member.

As part of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), you must perform as many correct push-ups as possible within a two-minute timeframe.

How does the Army physical fitness test vary for females compared to males?

For the APFT, females have different minimum standards from males for the number of push-ups and the time required to run two miles.

This accounts for physiological differences between genders.

What are the age-specific APFT standards for female soldiers?

Age-specific APFT standards have different minimum requirements for push-ups, sit-ups, and the two-mile run.

Your score depends on your age bracket and is tailored to assess the average physical capabilities for that range.

What constitutes a passing score for female soldiers on the Army PT test?

A passing score for female soldiers on the Army PT test is at least 60 points per event, with the total score being no less than 180 out of a possible 300 points.

Can you explain the differences between the old Army PT test standards and the current ones for females?

The current Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) standards have replaced the previous APFT standards, introducing new events and updated scoring that reflect a broader range of physical capabilities, applicable to combat readiness.

What are the updated physical requirements for females in the military to be considered fit for service?

The updated physical requirements for females include successfully completing six events of the ACFT: the three-repetition maximum deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release push-up, sprint-drag-carry, leg tuck or plank, and a two-mile run.

These events better measure combat readiness for all soldiers.