Fort Benning Graduation Dates 2024: Schedule and Visitor Information

Fort Benning graduation ceremonies for 2024 signify the transition from trainee to Soldier with traditions like Pass In Review, held at venues like Victory Pond.

Fort Benning Graduation Ceremonies 2024

The Fort Benning graduation ceremonies for 2024 are significant milestones marking the transition from basic trainee to Soldier.

These events encompass a series of formalities and traditions that reflect the high standards and achievements of military excellence.

Overview of Graduation Events

At Fort Benning, the graduation schedule for 2024 is designed to honor the commitment and hard work of graduates from the 194th Armored Brigade and the 198th Infantry Brigade.

During the ceremony, you can watch as these soldiers, having completed their basic training or advanced individual training, proudly stand before family, friends, and commanders.

The prestigious event often includes a Pass In Review, a time-honored military tradition that symbolizes the completion of rigorous training.

The ceremonies take place at notable venues such as Victory Pond or the National Infantry Museum, further accentuating the importance of this milestone in a Soldier’s career.

Preparation for Graduation

As you prepare for graduation at Fort Benning, Georgia, it is essential to confirm specific details such as the exact date and time for your assigned unit.

Ensure your attire meets the dress code required for attendees, and plan your arrival in Columbus, just adjacent to the base, providing ample time for seating and any last-minute adjustments.

Coordination with your Soldier is crucial as well.

They will be informed about specific instructions regarding their uniform, assembly points, and the participation in celebratory events leading to the culmination at the graduation ceremony.

Day of the Ceremony

On the day of the graduation ceremony, you will witness the culmination of your Soldier’s transformation.

The event will begin with a warm welcome by the presiding commander, followed by the national anthem and invocation.

Graduates of specialized programs such as the Ranger Course may have additional segments dedicated to their exceptional achievements.

As the ceremony proceeds, you’ll see the marching of troops and hear the resonant commands as Soldiers demonstrate discipline and unity — the very principles instilled during their training at Fort Benning.

Visitor Information

When planning to attend the Fort Benning graduation ceremonies, it’s essential to consider your travel and accommodation in advance, understand the on-base regulations, and explore the family engagement activities that are available.

Travel and Accommodation

Your travel arrangements should be made as early as possible to ensure availability and better rates.

A number of hotels are located near Fort Benning, offering a range of accommodations suited to different budgets.

Here’s a quick checklist for your travel plans:

  • Book your accommodations well in advance.
  • Check for any discounts offered to military families.
  • Consult the Fort Benning official Facebook pages for up-to-date information about graduation dates and locations.

On-Base Regulations

When arriving on base, all family members must adhere to strict regulations.

Ensure your vehicle registration is in order, as this is a requirement for on-base access.

Key points to remember include:

  • Visitors aged 16 and over must have a valid ID.
  • Vehicle checks are possible, so ensure nothing prohibited is in the car.

Family Engagement Activities

Fort Benning offers several activities to foster family engagement during family days and graduation. Family Day typically occurs the day before graduation and gives you the opportunity to spend time with your graduate.

The activities might include:

  • Guided tours of the base highlighting the mission and history.
  • Opportunities to meet with other families and connect with the Fort Benning community.

Always verify the schedule for family days and graduation events on the official Fort Benning Family and MWR site to ensure you don’t miss any important moments with your soldier.

Can I Use the Visitor Information from Fort Benning Graduation Dates for Fort Leonard Wood Graduation?

Yes, you can use the visitor information from Fort Benning graduation dates for Fort Leonard Wood graduation.

It’s a helpful reference for understanding the procedures and planning for the event.

Keeping track of the fort leonard wood graduation dates will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the details of graduation events at Fort Benning can be vital for those planning to attend.

Below you’ll find specifics regarding attendance, schedules, viewing options, protocols, and attire for the 2024 graduation ceremonies.

How can family members attend the Airborne graduation ceremony at Fort Benning?

To attend the Airborne graduation ceremony at Fort Benning, family members must check the official Fort Benning website for specific dates and secure any required visitor passes or adhere to gate access procedures in advance of the event.

What is the schedule for Ranger School graduations at Fort Benning in 2024?

The Ranger School graduations are typically scheduled at the end of each Ranger School cycle.

For the exact dates in 2024, you should refer to the Fort Benning official calendar which is regularly updated with such schedules.

How can friends and family view the graduation ceremonies digitally if unable to attend in person?

Digital viewing options are usually available for major graduation events.

You can access live streams provided by Fort Benning through their official website or designated platforms during the time of the ceremonies.

What are the allowed attendance numbers for Fort Benning’s basic training graduation ceremonies?

The allowed attendance numbers for each graduation ceremony can vary, dependent on training unit and current base policies.

Check with your soldier’s unit for the most accurate information regarding attendee limitations.

What protocol should be followed post-graduation for soldiers completing training at Fort Benning?

After graduation, soldiers must usually follow specific check-out procedures with their unit.

You should ensure understanding of these requirements well in advance to avoid any issues with your soldier’s transition post-graduation.

What is the appropriate attire for guests attending graduation ceremonies at Fort Benning?

Guests attending graduations at Fort Benning should aim for business casual attire, keeping in mind the military setting and the potential weather conditions.

Checking the forecast and respecting the formality of the event are recommended.