Uncovering the Lesser-Known Perks of Serving in the U.S. Army

From financial advantages to healthcare and education benefits, discover the often overlooked perks that come with serving in the U.S. Army and how they can positively impact your life.

When most people think about joining the Army, they often focus on the challenges and sacrifices that come with military service.

However, there’s a wealth of benefits that many people overlook.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the lesser-known perks of serving in the U.S. Army and how they can help you both during and after your service.

Financial Benefits

One of the most significant advantages of joining the Army is the financial benefits.

As a soldier, you’ll have access to VA home loans, which can help you purchase a home with no down payment and lower interest rates.

You may also be eligible for credit card perks, such as waived annual fees on premium cards like the AMEX Platinum or Chase Sapphire.

Additionally, the Army offers Tuition Assistance and the GI Bill, which can help cover the costs of higher education.

And don’t forget about the retirement plans and various discounts on everything from retail to travel and entertainment.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Another major perk of serving in the Army is the health and wellness benefits.

As a soldier, you’ll have access to free or low-cost healthcare through Tricare, which covers everything from routine check-ups to surgeries and hospitalization.

You’ll also receive dental care and vision care, including the opportunity for laser eye surgery in some cases.

Plus, you’ll have access to top-notch fitness facilities and gyms on base, as well as mental health support services.

Career and Education Benefits

Joining the Army can also provide a boost to your career and education.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership and planning skills that can translate to success in any field.

Plus, you’ll receive technical training and certifications in a variety of areas, from mechanics to cybersecurity.

And if you’re interested in seeing the world, the Army offers opportunities for travel and living abroad.

Perhaps one of the most valuable career benefits, however, is the networking and camaraderie that comes with serving alongside other soldiers.

These connections can last a lifetime and open doors long after you’ve left the service.

Family Benefits

The Army also offers a range of benefits to support soldiers’ families.

These include childcare and education support, such as subsidized daycare and grants for school supplies.

Spouses of soldiers can receive employment assistance, including job training and placement services.

Families are also eligible for healthcare coverage under Tricare and life insurance through programs like the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI).

Leisure and Entertainment Benefits

Serving in the Army isn’t all work and no play.

In fact, there are many leisure and entertainment benefits available to soldiers.

These include free or discounted tickets to events and attractions, such as amusement parks, concerts, and sporting events.

Soldiers also have access to outdoor recreation opportunities, such as skiing and snowboarding, often at deeply discounted rates.

And when it comes to travel, soldiers can take advantage of perks like free baggage on flights and access to military lodging and resorts around the world.

Post-Service Benefits

The benefits of serving in the Army don’t end when you leave the service.

As a veteran, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation, which provides monthly payments for service-connected disabilities.

You’ll also have access to veteran healthcare services, including treatment for physical and mental health conditions.

Education benefits, such as the GI Bill, can be used for yourself or transferred to your dependents.

And if you’re interested in starting your own business, there are many entrepreneurship support and resources available specifically for veterans.

Summing up

As you can see, there are many benefits to serving in the U.S. Army that go beyond the obvious.

From financial perks to healthcare and education benefits, the Army offers a wide range of support and resources to help soldiers and their families thrive.

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that military service also comes with significant challenges and sacrifices.

But for those who are willing to serve, the benefits can be life-changing.